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GeoArch Consultants is an exterior design and fit-out company based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, which was founded in 2015, is part of a vibrant team of dynamic interior designers. We specialize in modern art of modern interior and exterior design including furniture and the construction of offices interior, apartments interior, five-star luxury hotels interior, restaurant interior, cafe interior and other fine public and private facilities in India. Our common strategy to work with the customer and our personal attention to detail allows us to capture the essence of the sensitivity of each customer, professional guide them to realize their vision of a personal luxury in the field of exterior design industry in India.





We Provides Setting for remodeling your home, office, restaurant, shop, kitchen and bath design platform we want to take home-owners and professional home together in a single visual society.
We have many successful projects accomplished in recent years, with praise from our customers. Our highly creative interior designers to create masterpieces that are important and unique real personality and style of a client expression in India. Known for his ability to skilfully combine styles from all periods on a consistent, comfortable place, our experts take cues from tradition, but is not afraid to go with ground-breaking models with more traditional. This allows us to bring the art form great new heights.our service is: showroom exterior design, apartment design, home decor, home decoration, interior designer, interior decoration in India, interior decoration, home exterior design, home design. our working area: interior design company in Bhubanesar.

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The architecture is powerful and complex. Our team has the stress of the delivery of its foreign projects in Bangladesh in time and to the best of its ability, within budget. GeoArch Consultants full-service architecture to take a holistic short by management construction of the project. We believe that architecture is a gift of life improves so we want the process to be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. You can trust to deliver the project GAC out and support throughout. Look no further, you’ve found a designer who can deliver your dream home, office, lobby and garden. We are passionate about design and how to use the space GAC helps customers realize the full potential of your home business space environment is through a room design a shut-down or a system of corporate space around the home and garden. Our vision is determined by bold ideas, big returns, good lighting and plenty of drama. She specializes in converting dreams into reality.
GAC is an accomplished garden and landscape designer based in Dhaka Bangladesh. It works with clients nationwide.Whether work in the home or garden, corporate space GAC ensures that each project fully reflects the tastes and lifestyle of each customer. GAC shielded handle large tasks, including the new design of a whole house, rural hotel or landscaping a lot of ground. GAC for commercial real estate will work with architects, hoteliers, owners or developers in the design and construction or remodeling projects.


Great looking make great businesses. Work success into the very fabric of your building with GAC Exterior Design.


Our exterior designers in Bhubaneswar collaborate with you to get a clear understanding of your needs and requirements for the styling, allowing them to produce a comprehensive & detailed plan that gives you an overview of the costs and time frame for sound decision-making.


The best decisions are a result of the most thorough and meticulous planning. As such, our best exterior design company in Bhubaneswar uses physical models and mock-ups to examine the context of a space and deliver innovative solutions to better serve your company.


As one of the best exterior design companies in Bhubaneswar, we have mastered the perfect combination of designing, styling and all the fine details necessary to create an unforgettably experience for everyone utilizing the view.


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