GAC has a full-fledged geo-technical and material testing laboratory covering a floor area of 4000 Sq.ft. with facilities for full range of tests on soil and construction materials like cement, sand, stone-chips, bricks, glazed tiles, floor tiles, mix-design, concrete cubes, water, timber, etc.

Our laboratory team members are well-trained to handle the state-of-art testing equipment. We can also provide field laboratory services on major projects. GAC is committed to providing reliable and accurate test results to our customers, along with technically correct interpretations.

We have the facilities to test the following material:

  • Soil & Rock
  • Concrete (Fresh and hardened)
  • Cement
  • Mix Design
  • Aggregates (including fine)
  • Bricks
  • Steel (Reinforcement & Structural)
  • Lime
  • Bitumen
  • Concrete Curing Compound
  • Bentonite
  • Timber / Wood
  • Ply Board


Universal Testing Machine UTM 100kn Slump Test Apparatus Core Cutter with Dolly Rammer
CTM (Compression Testing Machine) Standard Spatula Sand Pouring cylinder (Small)
Electronic Consolidation Apparatus Gauging Trowels Sand Pouring Cylinder (Large)
Electronic Direct Shear Apparatus Concrete Cube Mould(15cm x15cmx 15cm) Pycnometer
Electronic Triaxial Apparatus with measuring device Cement Motor Cube (7.06cm x7.06cmx 7.06cm) Density Bottle
Triaxial Cell Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus Constant Volume Mould
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing machine Riffle Sample Divider California Bearing Ratio(Lab test)
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine Thickness Gauge Centrifugal Extractor(hand operated)
Standard Cone Apparatus Length Gauge Centrifugal Extractor (Motorised)
Flexure Testing machine Cylindrical Measures Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
Mortal Penetrometer Density Basket Digital Rebound Hammer
Vibrating Machine Hydraulic Jack Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Vibrating Table Pumping Unit Electrical resistivity test or Soil resistivity test (ERT)
Compaction Factor Apparatus Le Chatelier mould Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)
Sieve Shaker (Motorised) Electronic Data Acquisition System Concrete Core Cutter
Liquid Limit Device (hand operate) Water De-Airing Chamber (25 Liter) Fine particulate Sampler
Static Cone Penetrometer Marshal Stability test Apparatus with Digital Display Gaseous Sampling Apparatus
Plastic limit Apparatus Automatic Bituminous Compactor Oil-Less Vaccum Pump
Hydrometer Standard Tar Viscometer (Electrically Heated) Respirable Dust Sampler
Hydrometer Glass jar Universal Penetrometer Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Compaction Mould Ring and Ball Apparatus Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer
Automatic Soil Compaction Machine Ductility Testing Machine EC-TDS Analyser & Conductivity Meter
Air Entrainment Meter Benkelman Beam Apparatus EC-TDS Analyser
Mixing Apparatus Proctor Penetrometer(Spring Type) Nephelometric-Turbidity Meter
Vicat Apparatus Rapid Moisture Meter pH Meter
Blaine’s air Permeability Apparatus Field Density Kits DO Analyser
Flame Photometer